Personal Loans

Premier Bank offers a variety of competitively priced personal loans that can be used to purchase new or used automobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, campers, boats, jet skis and even household goods such as appliances or furniture. We can also assist with home improvements or debt consolidation. To help you with timing or credit issues, we can even use a deposit account as collateral. The interest rate and term depend on what you are financing and your individual credit situation. And with an auto-debit from your Premier checking account, receive a 0.25% discount off our current loan rates. Talk with a Premier banker to put together a loan solution to fit your needs and budget.

Personal Lines of Credit

Premier Bank offers both secured and unsecured lines of credit that can be used for various personal needs. Approval is based on applicant’s credit history and income.

A Premier Bank line of credit gives you the security of a customized cash reserve that you can use as you see fit. Your credit line is ideal for special purchases or expenses such as education, furniture, vacation, taxes and medical expenses.

You can apply for a line of credit at any Premier Bank office. Once you are approved, you can establish a line of credit in the amount you request. To use your credit line, simply write a check or ask any teller for an advance. Daily interest will be charged only on funds you actually use, and only for as long as you use them.