Premier Online Banking ACH Origination

Online Banking ACH Origination is an exciting service offered by Premier Bank that allows businesses to originate electronic transactions. Organizations that originate these transactions are called Originators. Transactions can be either debits or credits. Examples of debit transactions include utility payments, account drafts, membership fees, dues, insurance premiums, etc. Credit transactions are usually for Direct Deposit of Payroll, electronically crediting a deposit account for the net payroll amount.

By using an ACH origination, small businesses can completely automate their collection process and conduct their banking transactions via a safe and secure Internet connection.

ACH offers an efficient way for your business to collect or disburse company funds electronically, while eliminating the need for costly paper collections and disbursement. You have the option to transfer funds either by wire transfer or ACH on a schedule specified by you.

To learn more about the benefits of Online Banking ACH Origination for your business, contact your local Premier Bank branch manager.