Treasury Management Services

Premier Bank offers a variety of tools to assist businesses in more efficient management of receivables and payables. Available products include:

Premier On-Line Banking – Provides access to your Premier Bank accounts, with balance and activity information. Allows transfer of funds between accounts.

Remote Deposit Capture
–A convenient, secure web-based remote capture solution for processing checks. Capture receivables and make deposits to your Premier Bank account from anywhere you do business, eliminating extra trips to the bank. Simply connect a desktop scanner to your PC and transmit deposits to Premier Bank.

Positive Pay – Helps protect your business from check fraud by comparing paid items against issued checks to identify any possible discrepancies. You then make the decision whether to pay or reject the item.

Business Debit Card - Your Premier Bank Business MasterCard Debit Card provides you with an easy and convenient way to make business purchases using your business checking funds.

Repurchase Investment Sweep Account – Make your money work harder by moving excess funds from your business checking account to an investment sweep account each day.

Account Analysis – Premier’s Analysis checking is a type of business bank deposit product that helps minimize fees for companies that write large amounts of checks every month or deposit large amounts of cash or checks into their accounts. A monthly credit is calculated for account balances, which is used to offset bank service charges.

Zero Balance Accounts – A checking account in which a balance of zero is maintained by automatically transferring funds from a master account in an amount only large enough to cover checks presented.

Wire Transfer – A safe and cost-effective method of transferring funds between bank accounts domestically or internationally.

ACH Transactions – Originate ACH transactions, including payroll direct deposits, vendor payments, tax payments and more. Collect payments from clients.

CDARS - The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® - The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service® - This insured, convenient CD product provides multi-million dollar FDIC insurance coverage and offers greater convenience and other advantages for your business or organization.